The only truly scalable Enterprise SIS solution.

Alma’s flexible, modern architecture solves the need for larger educational organizations to upgrade their Student Data platform without having to build their own solution.

For organizations with more than ## students

Alma’s flexible, modern architecture solves the need for larger educational organizations to upgrade their Student Data platform without having to build their own solution.

Best technology

  • Truly modern under the hood (only SIS that can say so)

    Consistently offering the most powerful under-the-hood solution with industry leading uptime, flexibility, privacy, and security.

  • Easily integrates with other complex systems with robust API coverage

    Alma’s external API is the most robust, well-documented, and extensive API on the market. Seamlessly integrate mission-critical third-party applications with App Center, a self-serve tool for users to successfully set up and support their own integrations. Alma’s import and integration tools and extensive APIs ensure workflows involving third-party solutions are reliable, robust, and efficient.

  • Performance meets Compatibility

    Alma leverages MongoDB for its performance and adaptability. MongoDB was built from the ground up for scale. With automatic scaling features, the ability to handle petabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of operations per second, MongoDB makes it easy for Alma to offer high performance on large datasets. Alma also includes an Ed-Fi compliant reporting database, providing compatibility for organizations more comfortable with an RDBMS.

  • N-tiered architecture for administrative control

    Alma’s organizational hierarchy allows a flexible and unlimited definition of schools, groups of schools, groups of groups, etc. with as much structure as needed. Even a global network of schools can be administered, with varying structures as needed.

  • Dedicated Infrastructure at Lowest Cost

    Alma was natively designed for the cloud. We have optimized our infrastructure and code base to have low-cost hosting environments, even for clients who need their own separate infrastructure stacks and databases.

  • Most modern security in the SIS space

    Alma employs advanced encryption and multiple firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive school and student information. Alma also encrypts data at rest and in transit, both in the database itself and across networks with the highest forms of encryption.

  • Industry leading uptime and built-in disaster recovery

    Alma’s leading 99.9% uptime means the SIS is always on and accessible. Most updates require zero downtime, and those that do are never scheduled for school hours. That means you’ll never worry about surprise site maintenance announcements, or staff being unable to use Alma during critical times. In addition, Alma uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), with multiple options for zones and physical locations. AWS ensures optimal levels of availability and redundancy. In the event of a disaster or localized failure, Alma’s production environment can be transitioned to a data center in another zone in the AWS network with minimal downtime.

  • Scales to meet the size of the organization

    Alma’s advanced architecture and highly flexible design accommodate large K-12 enterprises, including country-wide SISs and even global networks. Every aspect of Alma’s application is load-balanced and redundant, with auto-scaling to ensure high performance and access without interruption.

Best comprehensive SIS solution

  • Fully built out solutions

    Alma is equipped with an extremely wide range of feature sets, each with a deep focus on the foundational areas of student information, including: biographical data, attendance, schedules, grades, courses and classes, and much more.

  • Configurable locally, customizable globally

    Alma’s flexible structure supports custom configurations with corresponding permissions to accurately reflect organizational structure. Highly customizable platform settings mean edits to grading policies, schedules, and calendars can be made at any time without impacting historical records.

  • Data model that maps to reality

    Alma’s finely-tuned data structure is both flexible enough to meet a wide variety of needs and standard enough to be logical, transparent, and usable. Our data model follows a standard of excellence that is integral in enabling Alma’s usability and agility.

  • Data clean-up and migration

    Alma Navigator, the industry’s 1st in-app implementation guide, provides step-by-step onboarding instructions, project management, and progress transparency. Using Navigator, organizations will dramatically reduce the migration headaches and setup time. Exceptional project management features lead users through the configuration and data migration process from beginning to end. From project planning to assigning tasks to various team members, leaders can see the exact status of the whole migration from Navigator’s Dashboard, with detailed progress by school and category.

  • Automated data migration

    No other SIS company has the student data migration experience that Alma has developed. Migration of data to the Alma SIS is completed via Alma’s robust and sophisticated Importer which validates data, supports in-process troubleshooting, and presents clear error messaging. Conversion is no longer a black-box of mystery, riddled with hidden errors and future troubles. Welcome to clarity, consistency, and confidence!

  • Intuitive UX to reduce/eliminate re-training

    Alma’s platform is so intuitive that our users require less training than with other systems. Alma works with each customer to develop a training plan that meets their unique needs, and each learning community is dissected to determine the ideal experience, desired outcomes, and eliminate any unnecessary steps.

  • Modern UX and ease of use

    Alma’s emphasis on design best practices and user-centric approach to research and development has been a major driver for adoption. Robust, well-rounded features address mission-critical operations, bringing data to drive insight and giving educators tools to support a range of instructional practices.

  • Localized for global use in any language

    Alma has been implemented in 44 countries world-wide with an architecture to support unlimited localization.

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