Alma syncs with

Google Classroom

Enter data once. And for all. Alma now syncs rosters, teachers, assignments, and grades with Google Classroom in real time.

Complete Control

Delete or detach Google Classroom classes from their Alma counterparts if you want to archive the Classroom classes and don't want it to sync after a certain date, going forward.

Alma and Google Classroom now sync rosters, teachers, assignments, and grades automatically in real time. No nightly CSV uploads or manual dual data entry required. Enter data once. And for all.

Goodbye Dual Data Entry

The great news? No set up required for teachers and no instructional time wasted as students sign up for Google Accounts and find their Classroom. Teachers can focus immediately on creating content and teaching students.

No Wasted Instructional Time

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Instant Access

No more waiting while your third party software runs in the background to sync rosters overnight. Students transferring into a class have instant access to their teachers' content, lesson instructions, and tools. 

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