JANUARY 4, 2021

Alma Technologies Launches State Reporting in Massachusetts K-12 Districts and Schools

DOE Acknowledges SIS/SIF Certification for MA Educators, Students and Families

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Alma Student Information System (SIS) is excited to announce the achievement of working towards certification for the Massachusetts School Interoperability Framework (SIF) certification. The Massachusetts Department of Educations (DOE) certifies and establishes Alma as a state approved SIS vendor, which expertly provides the infrastructure required to collect, track and report student data on behalf of the Commonwealth.  Alma is proud to be listed on the Massachusetts DOE SIF vendors list and meet the requirements designated necessary to serve K-12 schools throughout Massachusetts.

Alma’s first Boston-area client is already thrilled with Alma’s proven capability to meet their districts needs, along with the Massachusetts Department of Education’s (DOE) standard requirements. Alma’s SIF certification demonstrates their unique ability to collect and provide the necessary state mandated reporting.  With turnkey data collection processes, Alma stays up-to-date and meets regulatory compliances for Massachusetts today and in the future.

“Receiving acknowledgment from one of the most educationally progressive states is a milestone achievement and we’re proud to have earned it,” says Andrew Herman, CEO and Founder of Alma. “We are really pleased to be in alignment with the Massachusetts DOE SIF requirements.  We can’t wait to empower Massachusetts K-12 institutions to support their teachers, staff, students and parents with Alma, a more intuitive, future-proof SIS.”

The need for a powerful, highly adaptable and more intuitive technology has never been more relevant. Alma SIS is utilized as a one-stop-shop for attendance, assignments, office hours, tutorials, student:teacher communication and graduation tracking.  

“The ease of transition from our old SIS to Alma was notable. Some of our biggest resistors to the change on staff have become the biggest Alma supporters. Additionally, Alma has significantly improved communications between schools and home. Many parents have reached out to say that they love Alma for its ease of use and intuitive feel.” says Randy Wormald, Assistant Superintendent at Merrimack Valley School District, former MA educator, and Alma user since 2017.

Alma’s flexible technology enables districts and schools of all sizes to quickly pivot and embrace immediate opportunities for their learning community. Looking towards the future and the shift towards progressive practices, which includes distance learning, it’s more crucial than ever to maintain accurate, organized and protected student information.  Every aspect of Alma’s platform has been built to ensure that a district and/or school’s data is safe, secure, and protected. 

Alma is committed to offering a future proof SIS platform to Massachusetts districts and excited to partner with innovative educators throughout the state.

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