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Why Alma?

K-12 administrators and teachers are required to do more and more every year, but outdated and ineffective tools bog them down with busywork and take away from their classroom time. Modern schools need modern tools.

How most education tools work:

  • Free SIS Free LMS


    Disconnected SIS/LMS systems and apps that fail to bring together critical information and tools in one place.

  • teaching tools


    Conventional tools that were designed for the schools, systems and education strategies of the past.

  • Education


    Monolithic systems that are designed to make it expensive to switch.

How Alma works:

  • student portal


    Student information & learning management in one intuitive, time-saving tool.

  • curriculum tools


    Classroom, curriculum development and lesson planning tools that embrace the latest best practices

  • Free SIS Free LMS


    Because every school, no matter how big or small its budget, should have the best tools.

Modern tools for modern schools.


student portal parent portal

Designed for people

Alma is designed to work the way schools, classrooms and people naturally work. A simple and intuitive interface brings together the tools and information teachers and administrators need in one place, and time-saving features such as drag-and-drop sorting and search suggestions reduce the number of clicks it takes to complete common tasks. At-a-glance views make it easy to quickly see the day or week, outstanding assignments and to-dos.

Communication tools integrated throughout the system help facilitate communication between teachers, administrators, parents and students, and Alma's parent and student portal helps families quickly and easily find the information they need to stay on top of their student's learning.

See how modern tools can streamline your school


Alma has more than 100 features for administrators, teachers, parents and students. Don't see what you're looking for? Call us toll-free at 1-844-TRY-ALMA.

School Setup & Administration


  • Academic calendar builder
  • Advanced class scheduling*
  • Basic class scheduling
  • Bell schedule setup
  • Setup wizard & data imports


  • Alerts
  • Notification
  • Tasks

School Management

  • Student risk monitoring*
  • Class management
  • Classroom oversight
  • Course/topic management
  • Staff management

Bell Schedule Management

  • Multiple bell schedule support
  • Cycle-day support
  • Grade-level support

Platform Features

  • Cloud-hosted
  • Flexibility
  • Integration
  • Role-based design
  • Security

School Calendar

  • Academic calendar
  • Events posting
  • Inclement weather tracking

Grading Scale Management

  • Custom letter scale
  • Custom rubric grading
  • Pass/fail
  • Percentage based
  • Points based
  • Standards-based grading
  • System-wide creation
  • Traditional letter grade


  • Basic/templated report cards*
  • Customizable report cards

Classroom Tools

Virtual Classroom

  • Attendance taking
  • Class dashboard
  • Class roster management
  • Class settings
  • Secure notes
  • Teacher dashboard
  • Today at-a-glance


  • Backward curriculum design
  • Curriculum calendar
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Lesson plan management
  • Scope & sequence
  • Standards & outcomes tracking

Assignment Management

  • Assignment categories
  • Category weighting
  • Percentage-based grading
  • Points-based grading
  • Proficiency rubric grading
  • Standards-based assignment grading
  • Traditional grading


  • Proficiency-based gradebook
  • Standards based gradebook
  • Traditional gradebook

Standards & Outcomes

  • Alignment & grading
  • Common Core standards
  • Custom learning targets
  • State standards*

Records, Reporting & Analytics

Attendance Analytics

  • Detailed view
  • Time-based or Class-based
  • Up-to-the-minute absence counts
  • Year-at-a-glance historical view


  • Report builder*
  • School-level reporting
  • State reporting*
  • Transcripts*

Student Profiles

  • Academic standing
  • Attendance history
  • Basic medical information
  • Biographical data
  • Demographic data
  • Contact information
  • Emergency contacts
  • Enrollment history*
  • Parent/guardian contact
  • Secure staff notes
  • Student class schedule
  • Student program status

Parent Profiles

  • Children list
  • Contact information
  • Custody alerts
  • Secure notes

Staff Profiles

  • Contact information
  • Emergency contact management
  • Notes
  • Professional development


  • Mailing labels
  • Parent directory
  • Quick notes
  • Role-based permissions
  • Staff directory
  • Student directory

Community engagement

Student & Parent Portal

  • Academic calendar
  • Assignments & grades
  • Attendance history
  • Curriculum
  • Messages & tasks
  • Multi-student parent view
  • Parent dashboard
  • Student dashboard
  • Student, parent and staff directories

Communication & Alerts

  • Automated SMS / Text messaging
  • Automated voice calls
  • Emergency messaging
  • Group messaging
gradebook curriculum


Alma’s core features and standard support are free. A range of specialized features and services are available for a nominal fee to address each school’s unique needs and budget.

100+ Features FREE
Advanced Messaging Text messaging (SMS), automated voice calls $2 /student per year
Customized Report Cards (available for 2014-2015 school year) $2 /student per year
State Reporting Selected states available beginning 2014 COMING SOON
Advance Scheduling COMING SOON
Data Migration Services Digital or paper records, any format starting at $2 /student

Training & Support

Standard World-class customer support by email or phone FREE
Starter One half-day, on-site visit per year Priority support response $500 /year
Silver Three half-day on-site training & support visits per year Same-day response for issues received before noon Recommended for schools with 100 or more students $1,500 /year
Gold Three full-day on-site training & support visits per year Same-day response for issues received before noon Recommended for schools with 350 or more students $3,000 /year
Platinum Weekly on-site training & support sessions for one year Same-day response for issues received before noon Complete data-setup & migration support $30,000 /year
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