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Alma was built with your school in mind.

3 portal screenshots for school SIS dashboard and attendance system

Around the globe, individual schools enjoy the benefit of autonomy in selecting the best technology partners to meet their school’s unique needs.

We thrive on the diversity of needs, and the progressive approaches employed by schools like yours because our platform is designed to be flexible.

Independent, parochial, international and charter schools love Alma because we’re built to meet virtually every complex bell schedule, customized report card, and easy parent communication permutation.

Better insight into student learning

Alma’s modern design and intuitive interface saves time and provides better insight into student performance, attendance, and more.

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Flexible support for progressive education models

From Traditional letter grades to custom rubrics for Common Core Standards, Alma saves teachers time while providing the control and flexibility to allow them to teach and grade the way they choose.

Custom progress report tool and proficiency based gradebook screenshot

Education = communication

Alma’s integrated communication tools encourage interactions between faculty and students, and built-in parent and student portals help keep families informed and involved.

School database profile with student messaging and medical alerts screenshot

No-hassle setup with a myriad of options

Alma's easy-to-use Setup Wizard provides step-by-step directions to help you set your grading periods, grading scales, grade levels, and bell schedule.

Easy to use SIS and LMS Setup Wizard screenshot

Customer Success

  • When teachers are isolated from each other, it is the students who suffer. Alma gives our teachers the ability to collaborate on a level we have never been able to do before.

    Christina Tracy, Principal of Howard Street Charter School (Salem, OR)
    Read the Customer Success Story here
  • As an administrator, I am thrilled with the ease of use, the incredible customer service... It is going to go a long way to improving how we are organized and communicate key information to all of our constituents, while minimizing both teacher and administrator time on these tasks to allow us to focus our attention on what happens in classrooms with students.

    Katie Bradarich, Ph.D., Academic Services Coordinator of The Monarch Institute (Houston, TX)

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Popular Features

School management system student records - Icon

Student Records

Alma creates holistic student profiles so that teachers, administrators and parents can see student information side-by-side with insights about the student's performance, attendance, enrollment, teacher notes and more.

LMS standards and competency based gradebook - Icon

Flexible Gradebooks

From Traditional letter grades to custom rubrics for Common Core Standards, Alma's integrated gradebook is designed to save teachers time while providing the control and flexibility to allow them to teach and grade the way they choose.

LMS assignments for personalized, distance learning and PBL - Icon

Curriculum & Assignments

Alma offers robust curriculum tools based on a backward design model, allowing teachers to define learning targets, create units and lesson plans, and automatically map lesson plans against the school calendar.

LMS Custom Report Card tool - Icon

Custom Report Cards

Alma lets you create, customize, develop, and distribute report cards like never before, customizing them with your own layouts, school logo, and more.

LMS Parent and Student Portal - Icon

Student & Parent Portal

Alma lets families access curriculum, lessons and assignment details online. The weekly calendar view helps students stay on top of upcoming assignments and exams.

School alert system and SIS Emergency Notification - Icon

Emergency Notification

School administrators can broadcast emergency notifications to staff, parents and students via text or voice message, and publish non-emergency announcements via email and the virtual school bulletin board.

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