Integrations, Interoperability, and Alma

We play nice with others 🙂

Schools and districts operate in a complex web of technologies. As the center of that ecosystem, a Student Information System must have the ability to integrate with other applications.

“Alma has a modern interface that is intuitive for our users … and is proactive in cultivating relationships with third party vendors to add additional functionality to the environment.”

John M.
Director for Innovation and Technology

Reliable access across all systems

Alma provides turn-key Integrations for more than 100 common applications, with pre-configured data extracts that automatically sync to the third-party tool. Easily connect and test these integrations in a few simple steps.

Current integrations

Here’s a list of common Alma integrations. Don’t see your preferred vendor on this list? No problem! Alma will work with you to customize and automate a secure file transfer (if we don’t have it already.)



LMS Integration

Google Classroom and Canvas integrations allow teachers to continue working in their LMS of choice while eliminating dual information entry in Alma. With a simple resync, Alma pulls all aspects of assignments back into the SIS. It’s a timesaving win for teachers; one entry of information, streamlined back to Alma!


Alma API

Alma’s external API is the most robust, well-documented, and extensive API on the market. Schools and districts can create custom, secure API integrations with other systems utilizing the full spectrum of data captured in Alma. Create a data flow that functions exactly as desired with helpful support and documentation and without limitations and surprise fees.



You want it,
Alma can do it.

Alma partners with each school district to identify necessary integrations and determine the best approach for achieving a fully integrated technology stack. Districts have the flexibility to create and define integrations that suit the needs of the district communities.

“I love Alma! It has everything that our school needs, and syncs data with other programs we use within our school.”

Justin S.
Director of Registration


Alma is your partner in SIS

Alma is an industry leader in interoperability, built to simplify and maintain complex connections among third party applications. With real-time data updates, third-party services essential to daily school operations are in sync with Alma’s information.

Alma SIS cannot keep growing without the continuing collaboration and partnership of educational leaders like you.

From attending Q&A sessions, panel discussions, webinars, conferences, sending us user stories, and amazing testimonials, your stories have not only impacted everyone here at Alma, but show how deeply you care about the success of your students.

Because of your critical feedback and requests to better serve your learning community’s unique needs, this year Alma has been able to create and rollout programs like:

Navigator, to give administrators a better onboarding experience and more control over workflows across their schools

App Center, to make sure your school or district is able to seamlessly integrate mission-critical 3rd party applications …

And Alma’s Spanish parent and student portal, for more accessible communication with your students and their families, increasing family engagement and promoting equitable educational practices.

Above all, we are incredibly grateful for your tenacity, creativity, care, intentionality, and commitment to the students and families you serve.

We can’t think of anything more worthy of celebration. So here’s to you!

From all of us at Alma, may you enjoy this season of gratitude, celebration, and collaboration not just in this last month of 2021 but into 2022, and beyond.

Alma will be with you every step of the way. Cheers!

Andrew Herman

Co-founder + Chief Executive Officer

Mike Oliver

Co-Founder + Head of Product

Elizabeth Long

Co-Founder + Vice President of Services