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We've made upgrading your SIS less painful. Here's how.

In Alma, you have an expert partner who will transition your SIS with you. Improve data quality while upgrading your community's technology experience.

Legacy SIS



  1. Explore and Check It Out

  2. Build Consensus

  3. Plan for Success

  4. Commit

Group who loves Alma!

Every user group champions Alma after targeted demos.

District Data Migration & Integrations

  1. Alma makes it easy to migrate your data

  2. Our data team is there to support you each step of the way

  3. Validate!

  4. Alma builds integrations with your 3rd party vendors

Alma worker typing in your data

Alma does the work for you.

District Setup & Customizations

  1. Configure your district and schools with any bell schedule

  2. Define your roles and release users when you want

  3. Create or upload your master schedule

  4. Outline your calendars

  5. Set your grading policies: any assignment, weighting, standard, rubric, mastery calcs, credit allocation, etc.

  6. Create any report card template

  7. Build your reports or provide examples and we’ll build them for you

  8. Define and prioritize customizations with your Alma Account Manager

Choose your customizations road sign.

Alma is configurable so it fits your workflows and communities.


  1. Determine your ideal training approach and schedule with your Alma Account Manager

  2. Alma will train in person, via web, and/or by train-the-trainer model

  3. Your staff will thank you for choosing Alma

Training online and in person.

Intuitive interface maximizes training and adoption.


  1. In-app, phone, and email support available to anyone on your staff

  2. Clear help docs

  3. Incredibly intuitive software negates need for constant support

  4. Alma Account Manager meets with your district leadership regularly

  5. 99.9% scheduled uptime

  6. Simple roll over year-to-year with historic data that’s always easy to access

Live support chat. Customer: Hey…I have a question. Alma support: Hi there! How can I help you?

Accessible support for your entire staff.

"Every student information system (SIS) approaches data in a different way and every state has different reporting requirements. Two of our biggest concerns migrating from our existing SIS to Alma were data transfer and integrity, and the myriad of reports our state requires. Alma's team of liaisons and engineers worked with us every step of the way to ensure that both the data we required and the reports expected of us were available, and were quick to respond to our requests for modifications necessitated by changes in state reporting."

- John Martin, Director for Innovation & Technology, Inter-Lakes School District, NH

Thousands of schools and districts are making the switch to Alma. Don't get left behind.

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