APRIL 21, 2022

Alma SIS streamlines secure tuition plans, flexible fees, and expedited payment collection.

Portland, Ore. (April 21, 2022) – Alma Student Information System announces the addition of Invoice Plans to the platform’s highly intuitive payment platform, Fees. Built to streamline secure tuition plans, flexible fees, and expedited payment collection, Alma’s fees platform allows schools to schedule and generate one-time as well as recurring invoices. Families can pay in full or make parity payments, including tuition plans. This update creates equitable opportunities for families to spread out payments over time so that students can participate in activities that may have previously been out-of-budget. Thanks to user feedback, the additional invoicing options have been created to increase flexibility for both families and schools to manage funds.

Families access fee management through Alma’s convenient online and mobile parent app, Alma Now, while Alma’s backend handles invoicing and payment processing securely in an all-in-one platform. Built to adapt to fit schools’ unique needs, fee management allows schools to increase on-time collections, reduce administrative time, and improve tracking and reporting of payment activity.

With Invoice Plans, administrators can configure a set of standard invoice plans which can then be assigned to students individually or in bulk. Custom invoice plans can also be created and assigned as needed. Families view the details of all invoice plans that have been assigned to their student so they know what they’re expected to pay and when.

At Alma, family engagement is critical to student success. Alma’s Fee Management is an end-to-end solution that streamlines and expands opportunities to budget for school expenses and enrichment experiences for all families.

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Douglass Mabry | Director of Marketing | Alma
503-358-5301 | douglass.mabry@getalma.com