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New Hampshire!

In partnership with NHED, Alma is honored to design and deploy iNHDEX – a future forward approach to state level data management.

“Alma leverages technological advancements and is designed to empower educators by enabling real time data collection that will improve analysis and reporting. This upgrade will also enhance efficiency across New Hampshire’s school system, while simultaneously creating significant monetary and labor savings.”

– New Hampshire Education Commissioner

iNHDEX powered by Alma streamlines and modernizes the data collection process for all New Hampshire LEAs with real time data collection, validation, certification with an emphasis on clear communication tools and a robust resource library.

Through a calculated rollout with a strong focus on change management, Alma and NHED are working together closely to ensure a seamless transition.

Strength in LEAs partnering with Alma

  • Simplified, automated submissions built into Alma SIS
  • Validation error navigate directly to Alma SIS data fields for quick updates
  • SASID checks with NHED part of SIS
  • School calendar to state calendar integration – no more double entry
  • Preferred pricing and state subsidized implementation cost
  • Tightly coupled integration of SIS to support future NHED changes seamlessly.

iNHDEX: 24/25 reporting changes timeline

The timeline below is a dynamic work in progress. As the project unfolds, we will keep you informed with updates on milestone achievements. Stay tuned for exciting progress!

  • Aug 2024 – Alma – Alma SIS migrate new 24/25 reporting requirements through iNHDEX
  • Aug 2024 – Jan 2025 – Other SIS migration to new 24/25 reporting through iNHDEX 
  • Jan 2025Legacy submission format through i4see-no longer accepted


NHED published a revised data dictionary on Monday, December 18, 2023. This update details the required changes needed for non-Alma SIS vendors to maintain compatibility with the new iNHDEX SSIS.

Data Dictionary Link

NHED/iNHDEX Landing Page 

Alma regional director

Theresa Schneiderheinze

Goals and benefits for NH LEAs

(and additional benefits with Alma SIS Integration)

Integrated data resolution

As part of the Alma ecosystem, LEAs will benefit with integrated data fixes – directly from iNHDEX to the data field in Alma SIS.

Set up for success

Ahead of this transition, LEAs can set themselves up for the highest degree of success by implementing Alma as their SIS. In choosing to adopt Alma, LEAs will benefit from preferred pricing from the state and a drastically simplified state reporting process, joining numerous New Hampshire districts that have embraced Alma SIS.

Strength in Continued Partnership

Alma’s rapid adoption throughout New Hampshire in the last few years is thanks to an emphasis on a quality user experience and platform flexibility to support a range of educational models. By adopting Alma, LEAs can get their best SIS now and immediately enjoy the benefits of a future-proof, intuitive SIS as the state prepares for a smooth transition to Alma.

Alma is committed to the success of this partnership. Stay connected with us for updates on this important transition!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is iNHDEX?

“iNHDEX” is the name of New Hampshire’s new Statewide Student Information System (“SSIS”). It stands for “Initiative for New Hampshire’s Data Exchange.” In time, iNHDEX will replace the majority of the functionality currently provided by the State’s “i4see” data collection system.

What are the cost benefits of adopting the Alma SIS as the district level?

Special pricing and state-subsidized implementation will be available to New Hampshire districts interested in adopting the Alma SIS at the district level so that they too can realize the additional benefits and ease-of-use due to its tighter integration with iNHDEX.

Will NHED be able to see the data from Alma districts prior to submission?

No. The Alma district SIS will run independently from the state-hosted iNHDEX system.

Will my district have to use iNHDEX instead of i4see?

Yes, as the functionality of the current i4see system will be reduced over time as iNHDEX is implemented.

regional director

Theresa Schneiderheinze


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