Alma is now New Hampshire’s State Level Data Management Solution

Portland, OR – Alma has been selected as the K-12 Student and School Data Collection Platform for the state of New Hampshire. With this partnership, New Hampshire’s Dept. of Ed. (NHED) will modernize its core reporting architecture for student data, thereby saving educators tremendous time, tightening data security, and improving data quality. Alma will replace  i4see, the legacy data collection platform that has served the state for many years. 

“This contract will replace the existing i4see system that was first implemented in 2001 and is difficult to adapt to everchanging federal and state reporting guidelines,” said Frank Edelblut, education commissioner. “The new system (Alma) leverages technological advancements and is designed to empower educators by enabling real time data collection that will improve analysis and reporting. This upgrade will also enhance efficiency across New Hampshire’s school system, while simultaneously creating significant monetary and labor savings.” 

Alma’s solution leverages cutting-edge technology, including robust validation engines, automated workflows, and the Ed-Fi operational data store to streamline the state reporting process for both the State and Local Education Agencies. District and school users will efficiently resolve issues and certify data submissions, allowing the state to more immediately analyze data and derive meaningful insights.  Every LEA in the state will experience a simplified data submission process, improved validation checks, and simplified communication channels with the State.  Schools and districts using the Alma SIS benefit from Alma’s full suite of future-ready tools to support daily operations and ongoing data validation, plus significant cost-savings and the peace of mind knowing their SIS provider is fully aligned with new and changing state reporting requirements. 

New Hampshire K-12 districts are already familiar with Alma’s cutting edge student information system, which has been adopted by many New Hampshire LEAs over the past five years.  Alma has become a trusted name in K-12 student data. 

“Alma is excited to be selected as the NHED State Level Solution,” says Alma Co-Founder and CEO, Andrew Herman. “We are unwaveringly committed to this partnership and supporting NHED’s modern and progressive approach to education.  Alma looks forward to partnering with both the New Hampshire DOE and New Hampshire K-12 districts to successfully carry out their educational visions.”

New Hampshire school districts and the NHED will also benefit from hands-on support and training emphasizing change management best practices. Alma’s dedicated team is committed to helping the NHED, LEAs, and community stakeholders achieve their strategic goals and support their educational vision. With Alma, New Hampshire is set up for success now and in the future.



Welcome to Alma, New Hampshire!

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