SEPTEMBER 29, 2020

Alma SIS revolutionizes the distance learning experience with updated ed tech tools

Nimble technology platform empowers remote operations for districts, schools and families – during the pandemic and beyond

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Alma Student Information System (SIS) is responding to the rapidly developing remote learning needs for K-12 learning styles by offering powerfully expansive capabilities within its modern and award-winning, comprehensive SIS platform. As growing numbers of learning communities shift to remote learning, districts and schools of all sizes rely on Alma’s framework to implement their best teaching models while maintaining student workflow in a protected and personalized approach. Looking towards the future, the educational landscape will forever be changed, and no matter where students are physically, districts can bet on academic continuity within Alma’s platform. 

“To support students and families learning at home, Alma has embedded messaging to keep everyone connected, focused and up-to-date. We want to make sure that students and staff everywhere are utilizing progressive best practices, and that families have the information they need to ensure a full school day,” says Alma Co-Founder and Head of Product, Mike Oliver. “Communication and social distancing is key to staying safe this year. To meet and exceed the demands of instructional learning communities across the globe, Alma allows families, teachers and administrators to digitally fill out and submit any and all necessary paperwork, including enrollment forms and coursework, remotely within the platform.”

This school year brings unprecedented changes to the classroom, and for many, the school day begins and ends online.  School districts operating remotely need flexible and intuitive technology to serve students completely, regardless of where kids are located. Alma’s customizable tech tools help educators guide class creativity and connection, and empower students to engage with technology in a meaningful way. Alma’s new and existing messaging and online submission features support highly-flexible, customizable distance learning plans that keep schools safe and families involved in the learning process. 

“I can’t imagine navigating this year without Alma,” says Raphael Adamek, Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation for Windsor Central School District. “This past summer, we really took a look at our foundational systems, and for us that’s Alma. Using the platform’s messaging, our district is able to keep track of conversations with parents and strengthen overall relationships between teachers and families. Alma is a strong piece of communications and it gives us the opportunity for deeper learning on many levels.”

For educators, the all new Assignment Turn-In feature allows coursework collection and student grading to happen within the same place. Further simplifying the teaching process, educators now have the option to create due dates and request online submissions from students. Kids who are participating in remote or hybrid learning, can use the student portal to easily submit assignments directly in Alma. With class schedules, grading, communication and more in one central online location, the 2020 school year is more inline to achieve improved student outcomes.

Messaging is key to communicating with students, parents and teachers this academic year and Alma makes it easy for users at any tech level to stay connected and access critical school day information in real-time. Alma provides robust messaging tools and alert functionality embedded throughout the platform, guaranteeing staff, teachers, and families stay connected and informed on what to do next so nobody checks out. 

“Alma is proud to offer teachers and admin the tools and resources to ensure students and families are learning and growing from anywhere. New developments within our SIS platform make it easier for districts to operate fully remote and still provide the personalized care and attention students need,” says Andrew Herman, CEO and Founder of Alma. “Alma is keeping schools on track this academic year with advanced and robust technology at the forefront.”

Without ever having to enter a school building, AlmaStart contains everything necessary to start the academic year remotely including custom forms, file requests, survey options and more. AlmaStart gives school administrators the ability to create custom forms and timelines for registration and admissions and it provides students and parents better visibility into enrollment. Parents and administrators can digitally complete, submit and store any and all necessary forms to school 100% online, using Alma’s File Cabinet. 

Keeping track of kids attendance status this year is especially important for coursework comprehension and ensuring safe classroom solutions.  With some students at-home and other students participating in live education, Alma put the power to record attendance in the hands of parents and students. User-submitted attendance ensures students are accountable for their school day.  Alma’s advanced attendance features enable parents and students to take attendance based on half-day, full-day or by-the-hour and record whether students are in-class – putting continued effort into subject comprehension.

Both on campus and off, Alma’s flexible functionality supports keeping instructional learning on track, and school operations running smoothly. With direct access to built-in messaging and school-wide bulletin boards, Alma users can easily share class plans, enrollment documentation, homework expectations and provide timely health updates.  In an effort to limit non-essential entry into school buildings, parents can upload and share important documentation with staff and educators easily and quickly using Alma’s resources.

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