Blog | May 7, 2024

May 7, 2024

Celebrating Innovators in Education: Honoring Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month


Director of Independent & Charter Schools, Alma

Douglass Mabry

Douglass Mabry

This May, as we honor Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month, we spotlight the educators and innovators who have significantly shaped the educational landscape. The AANHPI community’s contributions through innovative teaching methods and technologies have been vital in redefining our educational experiences. Today, we celebrate several remarkable individuals whose innovative spirit and dedication are particularly inspiring.

Dr. Kavita Gupta – Transforming Science Education
With a fervent passion for environmental science and a dedication to experiential learning, Dr. Kavita Gupta has revolutionized science education in her classroom and beyond. Her innovative teaching methods, which integrate real-world environmental issues, have not only engaged her students but have also earned her recognition as a leader in science education reform. Dr. Gupta’s approach emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving, preparing students to tackle global challenges with scientific acumen.

Min-Liang Tan – Revolutionizing Ed-Tech Tools
Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer Inc., has extended his technological expertise into the realm of educational technology. His pioneering use of gaming technology to develop cutting-edge educational tools has transformed traditional learning environments. Tan’s innovative products are designed to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes, proving that educational technology can be both fun and fundamentally transformative.

Jin-Soo Huh – Advocating for Data-Driven Practices
As a visionary in the ed-tech field, Jin-Soo Huh has dedicated his career to enhancing educational outcomes through data-driven technologies. His work involves developing tools that allow educators to better understand and meet the individual needs of students, thereby democratizing learning opportunities. Huh’s commitment to innovative solutions has helped numerous schools across the country implement personalized learning strategies that are both effective and scalable.

Ilima Loomis – Bringing Stories to Life
Ilima Loomis, a celebrated journalist and author, enriches the educational landscape with her captivating children’s books that explore AANHPI cultures and histories. Her narratives are meticulously crafted to foster understanding and appreciation of diverse cultural backgrounds, making her books essential resources for promoting cultural diversity in education. Loomis’ work not only entertains young readers but also educates them on the rich heritage of AANHPI communities.

This AANHPI Heritage Month and throughout the year, Alma remains dedicated to fostering an educational ecosystem that celebrates innovation, diversity, inclusion, and equity. Our mission is to develop tools and platforms that not only facilitate these values but also empower educators and students alike. We invite our community to engage with the stories of these innovators and reflect on how we can collectively enhance the educational experience. Let’s take this opportunity to advocate for and implement practices that ensure all learners have access to inclusive and equitable education. 

Join us in this endeavor to transform education, making it a beacon of diversity and a foundation for future generations.

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