Data Infrastructure Solutions

Discover how Alma's Data Infrastructure Solutions transform education data management with innovative and impactful tools for State Agencies and K-12 enterprises.

Discover how Alma's Data Infrastructure Solutions transform education data management with innovative and impactful tools for State Agencies and K-12 enterprises.

Data Modernization

End-to-End SEA Data Pipeline

Alma’s Data Infrastructure Solutions empower state agencies and K-12 enterprises with more efficient and nimble reporting workflows that foster best practices in data governance and drive timely insights. This revolutionary suite of products and services work together seamlessly in support of data modernization and end-to-end data processing and reporting. The tools are designed to support a wide range of configurations and iterative changes as state’s needs evolve over time. Solution highlights include advanced quality control checks, a dynamic data dictionary, distributed infrastructure, and secure cloud storage options.

Data Management Dynamics

Pipeline Components

Alma Data Infrastructure Solutions comprise a tailored bundle of components meticulously configured to cater to the distinct requirements of each state. The amalgamation of these components ensures a cohesive solution that is custom-made, enabling optimal performance and unparalleled efficiency.

– Alma Data Exchange –

This robust and easy-to-use frontend application can be deployed quickly and facilitates the collection, validation and certification of data from LEAs.


Efficiency is crucial when it comes to the collection of data from Local Education Agencies (LEAs). Alma Data Exchange provides support for a variety of consumption mechanisms, ranging from standard API to Alma API, and even file import. The selection of the consumption method is carefully aligned with the specific use case and the capabilities of the source system, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.


Alma’s proprietary validation engine processes data asynchronously and provides real-time, human-readable feedback regarding relevant errors and warnings.

Validations include complex and cross-district data checks empowering LEAs with the information they need to easily resolve issues in the source system and only clean data is shared with the state.


The certification process is configured to match each state’s desired workflow and includes communication tools like automated alerts, two-way comments, and “nudges”. Alma also maintains a full history of reports, errors, and submissions.

Alma Data Exchange provides the flexibility to grant or restrict SEA data access during each certification step in accordance with local policies.

– Infrastructure –

Alma offers flexible backend configurations including Alma-hosted, SEA-hosted, and hybrid-hosting models.

operational data storage

The operational data store (ODS) is continuously updated in near real-time as data is processed and validated through Alma Data Exchange. Alma hosts the ODS or connects to an existing SEA environment.

data warehousing

If desired, Alma can provide data warehousing infrastructure and services tailored to your specific needs. Alternatively, Alma’s Data Infrastructure Solutions can seamlessly integrate with existing data warehousing infrastructure.

– Reporting & Insights –

Provide real-time insights to stakeholders at every level.

Data Analytics & Visualization

Integrate with existing or Alma-managed data intelligence solutions and incorporate visualizations into the Alma Data Exchange for comprehensive data transparency and immediate insights, benefiting both LEAs and the SEA.

For a fully integrated solution, any or all LEAs can benefit from the Alma SIS, a next-generation platform that streamlines daily school and district operations. The Alma Data Exchange also offers data fix shortcuts for the Alma SIS.

The Alma Difference

Key Differentiators

Discover Alma’s unique solutions for SEAs: a comprehensive, integrated platform offering real-time data readiness insights, flexible data collection workflows, and significant cost savings:


Submission management, data readiness, communication, certification, and data visualizations… all in one place.

Flexible collection cadence maps to state needs & goals

Collect data in real time as needed while maintaining the ability to decrease the frequency of select data elements.

Real-time validation & access to certified data

Don’t wait for overnight batch updates or slow processing speeds. Access data readiness dashboards and certified data as soon as it is processed.

NIMBLE Integrated certifications & WORKFLOWS

Flexible certification reports and workflow configured to match the state’s needs and collection use case.

Centralized key student data

Alma securely maintains a central key student database to facilitate cross-district checks, student record transfers, and synchronization with other SEA systems

Performant systems

Alma leverages cloud-native technologies to ensure system availability and reliability, as well as a distributed architecture for enhanced security and faster processing speeds.

Standard agnostic & highly interoperable

Alma supports standard APIs such as Ed-FI and is CEDS compliant for simplified federal reporting via Generate.

Significant cost savings

Alma’s Data Infrastructure Solutions can be implemented faster and requires fewer SEA resources than the alternatives reducing total cost of ownership by 30%-50%.

LEA-Friendly Data Readiness Dashboards
SEA Data Collection & Certification Oversight
Two-Way Communication
Centralized Resource Library
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Your One-Stop Shop

Alma Data Exchange

Alma Data Exchange offers a user-friendly interface for collecting, validating, and certifying data. It’s a comprehensive solution for LEA data reporting, featuring SEA-LEA communication tools, audit logs, resource libraries, and a dynamic data dictionary. The platform is tailored to align with your state’s data collection workflows and policies, ensuring seamless integration.

Better Together

A Consultative Approach

Alma uses a consultative methodology to each implementation supported by a team of solution architects and engineers with decades of combined experience. Services include comprehensive design and project management, from solution goal setting to legacy system assessment to component customization and implementation. 

The final project plan and solution definition is a result of careful planning and analysis with an emphasis on the following areas:

SEA Tech Ecosystem documentation

  • Evaluate current infrastructure and explore hosting options available.

  • Refine and detail the components of the proposed solution.

  • Identify owners, experts, and key stakeholders for each solution component.

Establishing solution objectives

  • Conduct interviews with stakeholders at various levels for comprehensive insights.

  • Thoroughly document end user challenges and pain points for targeted solutions.

  • Outline project objectives for both one-year and five-year timeframes.

Legacy System Analysis

  • Document, review, and thoroughly refine validation rules, data collection processes, and workflows for optimal accuracy and efficiency.

  • Identify key LEA pain points and conduct in-depth, effective, and comprehensive root cause analysis.

Strategic change management

  • Establish clear communication channels with stakeholders for effective collaboration.

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of project risks.

  • Develop transparent change management strategies tailored to the LEA’s needs.

Solving for Success

Key Challenges & Alma Solutions

Explore how Alma Data Infrastructure Solutions revolutionize data management in education, addressing common challenges with innovative, cost-effective, and user-friendly approaches.

Outdated systems require costly custom dev, upkeep, & upgrades

Alma Data Infrastructure Solutions now offer flexible configurations and affordable pricing. The platform is regularly updated based on user feedback and emerging needs, with major releases implemented after user acceptance to minimize disruption. The result: Alma solutions cost a fraction of maintaining custom developed solutions.

Variability of source data systems

Data can be consumed via API for seamless integration, flexible import options for diverse data sources, or file transfer capability from any platform. Once processed, it can be directed to an Alma-hosted data warehouse or any other specified destination of choice, providing unparalleled flexibility and control over data management.

Difficulty managing & transferring data across LEAs

Alma’s centralized key student data system facilitates real-time cross-district checks, enabling the State Education Agency (SEA) to access a single, comprehensive source of truth for state-identified key data elements. This empowers efficient decision-making and data management processes across districts, ultimately enhancing educational outcomes.

Lagging error reports are often difficult to interpret

Alma offers a comprehensive solution for instant, centralized validation across districts and school years. It provides easy-to-configure settings and clear error and warning interpretations, allowing for seamless management and oversight of educational data.

Limited visibility into submitted data timing & changes.

Alma maintains a comprehensive history of submission files and error reports, providing a valuable resource for tracking and analyzing data. This information is easily accessible through Alma Data Exchange, where users can also access an activity and communication log, enhancing transparency and accountability within the system.

Lack of time and resources for system migration / implementation

Alma firmly advocates for phased implementations that are meticulously planned to consider their impact on the existing infrastructure, user experience, and overall business operations. This approach ensures a smooth transition and minimizes disruptions while maximizing the benefits of the changes.

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