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It's about time.

Imagine eliminating time-consuming enrollment paperwork, duplicate entry, and errors.

Discover the convenience of collecting essential data accurately.

Explore new levels of efficiency by freeing up staff.

Here you go.

Registration & Enrollment for Districts

Powerful. Refined. Unbelievably Flexible.

Save Time

Put an end to time-consuming paperwork.

Say goodbye to mountains of handwritten forms with impossible-to-read penmanship, not to mention those countless hours of tedious data entry. Alma Start streamlines your registration, enrollment and re-enrollment - freeing up time and resources for those more important, mission-critical objectives.


Capture the exact information you need, how you need it.

Alma Start offers the most intuitive and flexible interface available, which allows you to collect every data point you need and nothing you don’t. It’s all up to you.


Pioneering tools allow complete control at every stage.

Craft custom forms and create timelines which easily guide parents through every stage of registration. Mobile optimization even allows users to stop at any point without losing progress.

Thumbs Up

Make an incredible first impression.

As the first point of interaction with parents, Alma Start provides a first-rate introduction with a sharply designed and efficient interface. Place the most impressive registration and enrollment solution directly in the hands of parents and students.


Integrate seamlessly into Alma SIS.

Districts everywhere are switching to Alma, and loving the effortless interface and its bold powerhouse of modern, flexible technology. Discover how easy it is to transform your district with Alma, too. Request more information from your regional representative today.

Or call us at 1-844-879-2562 to get your questions answered right now.