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Join us on November 24/25

Great schools deserve the best technology and organizational systems at their fingertips.

Join us for a short and sweet demo of Alma, the future-proof SIS empowering international schools – registration link below!

Why Alma? As the SIS of choice for schools and districts in 45 US states and 50 countries, Alma is leading the global education market, incorporating the industry’s leading ed tech.

Curious what the best SIS looks like? Join an upcoming demo to see how Alma offers:

  1. Effective communication tools that keep teachers, admin, students and families up-to-date
  2. Flexible grading policy with clear, customizable report cards built to incorporate both traditional and standards based grading methods.
  3. “Best-in-class” parent portal encourages deeper family engagement 
  4. Integrate seamlessly with Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology and many more, saving teachers and students precious time

Join us on November 24/25 (depending on your location) for a quick look at Alma. 

Upcoming demos:
1. Tuesday, November 24, 12pm GMT
2. Wednesday, November 25 at 3am GMT 

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