Their journey to graduation starts with the right technology.

Alma’s Graduation Tracking gives academic advisors and educators the tools to do what they do best – empowering students to reach their goals and plan for their next chapter.

Your GPS (Graduation Positioning System)

No two paths to graduation are the same. Create and monitor personalized graduation plans for every student.

“…are we there yet?!”

Generate real-time progress reports to engage families and teachers in helping students reach their goals.

Avoid Wrong Turns

Eliminate transcript errors, saving teachers and admins hundreds of hours of manual entry.

Potholes? Flat tire?

Identify strategic interventions that improve gaps in graduation data and rates by exporting student data and analyzing trends.

Backseat driving encouraged

Access the mobile-friendly parent and student portal to view student progress and outstanding course requirements.

Snack breaks – Yes. Hours in traffic – No.

Drastically cut down on hours of administrative tasks, spending more time guiding students through their next academic challenge.

Ready to hit the road?