Alma introduces the first ever Navigator to streamline SIS transitions

February 2, 2021

Due to extraordinary demand for easier migration upgrades, Alma ushers in a new systems transition process for K-12 schools and districts


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Alma Student Information System (SIS) is proud to announce the release of the Navigator to its award-winning, comprehensive K-12 platform. Navigator is the industry’s first in-app SIS implementation guide, providing step-by-step onboarding instructions, project management, and progress transparency for K-12 learning communities. Using Navigator, schools and districts will dramatically reduce the migration headaches and setup time previously required to switch their SIS.  With years of experience migrating thousands of users, Alma has proudly honed the migration process. Utilizing Navigator, migration has further been de-risked making a smooth transition safe for all districts and schools so that improved and protected data quality is even more accessible for all users within K-12 learning environments

Alma’s Navigator offers exceptional project management that leads users through the configuration and data migration process from beginning to end. Schools and districts can set-up project plans to assign tasks (such as setting up the GPA scales, class schedules, or LMS integrations) to various team members. Users with proper permissions can track the status of everyone’s tasks and the Navigator Dashboard displays detailed progress by school and for each subcategory.

Alma is excited to grant users an even easier-to-use and more transparent online workflow experience for transitions big, small and anywhere in between.  Those new to Alma will discover they do not need to coordinate schedules with teams of onboarding specialists or 3rd party consultants to make a switch from their old SIS.  Navigator transforms the potentially chaotic endeavor into an orderly set of tasks accompanied by clear instructions, with timing based on the needs of the school or district – not the SIS. Dashboards provide visibility into progress toward completion and help ensure that schools and districts are ready to launch on their selected go-live date.

“We are excited to unveil this new product that gives control over set-up to schools and districts of all sizes. Alma’s Navigator tool helps demystify the transition process and deepens users’ understanding of what it takes to onboard a new SIS,” says Kevin Flynn, Product Manager. “Users at all levels, from front office admin to the Superintendent, can see exactly how their team is progressing.”

Now the onboarding and overall day-to-day SIS experience is even better with more users switching to Alma than ever before. Navigator exemplifies change management best practices for enterprise solutions, including progress transparency – so users of all levels can view progress towards completion. K-12 learning communities can now feel confident in their abilities to set up a new SIS at their own pace. With more users switching to Alma than ever before, the setup and day-to-day engagement experience is more advanced, aimed at building the greatest generation of teachers and students.

“With Alma’s Navigator, we’re really increasing transparency and efficiency in the setup process, “ said Andrew Herman, CEO and Founder of Alma. “If schools and districts learned anything in 2020, it’s that technology demands on educators are greater than ever before. We are creating trailblazing tools like Navigator to guide schools and districts through transitioning technology. It’s why we say ‘together, we change the game.’”

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Alma SIS cannot keep growing without the continuing collaboration and partnership of educational leaders like you.

From attending Q&A sessions, panel discussions, webinars, conferences, sending us user stories, and amazing testimonials, your stories have not only impacted everyone here at Alma, but show how deeply you care about the success of your students.

Because of your critical feedback and requests to better serve your learning community’s unique needs, this year Alma has been able to create and rollout programs like:

Navigator, to give administrators a better onboarding experience and more control over workflows across their schools

App Center, to make sure your school or district is able to seamlessly integrate mission-critical 3rd party applications …

And Alma’s Spanish parent and student portal, for more accessible communication with your students and their families, increasing family engagement and promoting equitable educational practices.

Above all, we are incredibly grateful for your tenacity, creativity, care, intentionality, and commitment to the students and families you serve.

We can’t think of anything more worthy of celebration. So here’s to you!

From all of us at Alma, may you enjoy this season of gratitude, celebration, and collaboration not just in this last month of 2021 but into 2022, and beyond.

Alma will be with you every step of the way. Cheers!

Andrew Herman

Co-founder + Chief Executive Officer

Mike Oliver

Co-Founder + Head of Product

Elizabeth Long

Co-Founder + Vice President of Services