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Finally, an integrated SIS & LMS that provides a 360° view of student data.

SIS - Student Records

A Modern, Integrated Solution

By integrating the functions of a traditional Student Information System (SIS) with a Learning Management System (LMS) for the classroom, Alma not only provides a holistic view of student data, it also eliminates duplicate systems & cuts down on the time administrators need to spend navigating multiple systems.

Cost Saving

Alma replaces Dozens of standalone products in a single platform, with a unique feature package for schools both larger and small.

Time Saving

Alma is designed to save time, give administrators instant insights and reduce busywork, so you can focus on educating.

Ease of Use

Alma is designed to work the way schools, classrooms, and people naturally work, which means less time training or on the phone with support.

World-Class Support

Alma customers get free support by email and phone from the most responsive customer engagement team in the industry.

Easy Implementation

A step-by-step wizard allows administrators to set up Alma and upload existing data in as little as one day, with the flexibility to make changes at any time.


Alma takes exhaustive measures to ensure data security and student privacy, and with a single login for your SIS & LMS tools means fewer misplaced passwords.

Reliable. Flexible. Powerful.

Alma makes it easier than ever to manage, analyze, and report on your critical data on time, every time.

School Reporting Library Screenshot


Our reporting library gives you instant access to your data, including pre-formatted reports for select states. Contact us to see if your state is currently supported!

Visual Attendance History Screenshot


At-a-glance class and student views let administrators quickly get counts of total classes missed by student and alma tracks missed class time to the minute.

Online Report Cards Screenshot

Report Cards

Alma now lets you create, customize, develop, and distribute report cards like never before. See the full report card tour.

Online Transcript Screenshot


New in the 2015-2016 school year: transcripts and graduation tracking features, including multiple diploma support, credit allocation and more.

Student Fee Tracking Screenshot


Create, manage, assign and track fees by student or student group. Communicate instantly with students and parents as invoices are created, keeping them apprised of due dates and balances in real time.

Online Discipline Tracking Screenshot

Incident Tracking

Alma's incident tracking makes it easy to keep track of behavioral and disciplinary incidents, and ties directly to discipline reports in selected states.

Enrollment and Walk-In Scheduling Screenshot

Walk-in Scheduling

Class scheduler allows you to add or unenroll a student from classes in just two clicks.

School messsaging and emergency alerts screenshot

Emergency Notifications

School administrators can broadcast emergency notifications to staff, parents and students via text or voice message.

Online Academic Calendar Screenshot


Creating a centralized calendar of school holidays, events and class schedules is fast and easy, and school closures automatically update through the rest of the system.

Easy. Intuitive. Awesome.

Alma’s classroom tools are as intuitive and easy to use as your smart phone or tablet – it’s all about saving teachers time.

Online Curriculum - Units and Lesson Plans Screenshot


Alma curriculum tools, based on a backward design model, allow teachers to define learning targets, create units and lesson plans, and map lesson plans against the school calendar, so they can easily see the impact of changes such as a snow day or missed lesson.

Online Assignments Screenshot


Alma allows teachers to create and reuse assignments and attach supporting documents and web links. Publishing controls let teachers decide when assignments and grades are published for students and parents to see.

Standards Tracking Visualization Screenshot

Standards Tracking

Alma supports all standards including Common Core, and our standards tracker enables teachers to quickly see which learning targets a student has mastered and where they might be struggling.

Online Gradebook Screenshot

Traditional Gradebook

The Alma gradebook automatically calculates grades based on (optional) weightings identified by the teacher (for example, quizzes comprise 20% of the final grade), and teachers can choose to enter grades as a percentage, points or on a grading scale.

Online Standards Based Gradebook Screenshot

Standards Based Gradebook

The Alma standards-based gradebook allows teachers to assess students' mastery of a subject by tracking their proficiency on individual concepts and skills, and monitoring their progress throughout the term.

Online Report Card Review Screencap

Report Cards

Alma now lets you create, customize, develop, and distribute report cards like never before. See the full report card tour.

Student Portal with and upcoming assignments Screenshot

Student & Parent Portals

Alma offers simple and intuitive portals to help students stay on track with their learning and help parents stay informed and involved in their child's education. Parents with multiple children at the same school can view both students' learning information through a single portal.

Student Messaging Screenshot


Teachers can easily send a message to the students and/or parents in all of their classes from the home screen of the teacher portal, or message an individual class from the class dashboard.

Google Classroom Logo

Google Classroom Roster Sync

Goodbye dual data entry. When using Alma to manage Google Classroom, rosters are automatically synchronized with the enrollment records in Alma in real time. Learn more.

Centralized. Simplified. Streamlined.

Alma's District Dashboard gives you quick and easy access to your data through a simple, centralized management portal.

Online District Portal with Unlimited Schools Screenshot

School Oversight

Alma's district portal supports unlimited schools with no additional fees, and easy acccess to school details and reporting with a single sign-on per user.

District Wide Directory with Filters Screenshot

Global Directory

Search and filter your directory accross all your schools to quickly find who you need and how to contact them. Easily access full student, parent and teacher profiles.

District Wide Reports Library and Reporting History Screenshot

Easy Reporting

Access any report you need from the district portal. Alma automatically generates many state required reports and can be configured for custom school, district or county needs.

School Demographics and Enrollment Visualization Screenshot

Instant Insights

Alma's district portal is designed to bring the most relevant information forward instantly.

In addition to in-depth reporting, Alma school and directory (people) search utilizes a unique card-based interface that brings important information forward at a glance. Simply search for a school to see current enrollment, demographics or quickly grab contact information.

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