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Report Cards Are Here

Alma now lets you create, customize, develop, and distribute report cards like never before.

Say Goodbye to Report Card Headaches

Traditionally, the process of creating, approving and distributing report cards has been difficult and time-consuming. That's why we built a report card tool that makes managing report cards easy without sacrificing flexibility.

Save Time, Money, and Sanity

From reuseable templates to dozens of centralized and automated processes, Alma's Report Card Features save you and your teachers your most valuable resource - time. Here are a few examples.

  • Automatic Notification

    Kick off batches of report cards at the same time and automatically notify teachers which open report cards are available and milestone delivery dates.

  • All for One - One for All

    No more duplicating work. Alma’s custom templates allow you to create one template for every grade or unique templates for specific applications. Easily clone a template when you need a one-off solution with small changes.

  • Speed up Comments

    Repeating a number of comments over and over again? Enter them into Alma’s custom comments dropdown to quickly paste them whenever and wherever you need without touching the keyboard.

  • Time-saving Autofill

    Alma automatically pulls grades and attendance for every student. Replace the arduous transcription process of hundreds of pieces of data with the single click of a button.

Custom Templates

Create an unlimited number of layout options with our configurable drag-and-drop report card builder. In addition to information related to a class or proficiency scores (if used), templates can contain:

  • Attendance
  • Grading keys
  • Parent & administrator
  • Comments by class
  • Signature lines
  • Student photos
  • General comments
  • Custom text or quotes
  • More coming soon!

See Alma’s Report Card Tool in Action.

Countdown to Success

From creation and review to approval and distribution, know where you and every stakeholder are at throughout the process with Alma’s handy Report Cards Queue. And with highly visible milestone dates assigned to every stage, managing the process is easier than ever.

Notable Report Card Features

Automated Notification

Alma automatically notifies teachers when report cards become available, alongside of key milestone delivery dates.

Custom Templates

Pick a pre-designed template or design your own with Alma’s easy to use, drag-and-drop template building tool.

Grade & Attendance Sync

No re-entry necessary. Grades and attendance records automatically sync to report cards from Alma’s database.

Show and Hide

Include or hide students or classes from final report cards with the click of a button.

Direct Portal Upload

Upload and distribute digital report cards immediately to student and parent portals.

Grade Modification

Teachers and admins can re-open a section of any report card, request revisions, and/or override final grades.

Standards-based Support

Alma’s Report Card Tools support standards-based grading, including custom reporting tar- gets and more.

Real-time Queue

Alma’s queue shows administrators and teachers the due date, com- pletion percentage, and general status (open, closed, in review) of every report card in real time.

Intuitive Interface

The report card process boils down to four basic steps. Even if you’re just starting with Alma, using the report card tool is easy and intuitive.

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See Alma’s Report Card Tool in Action.

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