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Admit it.

You want to engage prospective parents and students with the most impressive technology.

You expect a flexible system that eliminates duplicate entry and errors.

You'd love more qualified applicants.

Here you go.

Admissions & Enrollment for Individual Schools

Powerful. Elegant. Unbelievably Flexible.

Thumbs Up

Make an incredible first impression.

As the first point of interaction with parents, Alma Start provides a first-rate introduction with a sharply designed and intuitive interface. Place the most impressive admissions and enrollment solution directly in the hands of parents and students.

Save Time

Put an end to time-consuming paperwork.

Say goodbye to mountains of handwritten forms with impossible-to-read penmanship, not to mention those countless hours of tedious data entry. Alma Start propels your admissions office into groundbreaking territory - freeing up time and resources for those more important, mission-critical objectives.


Capture the exact information you need.

Alma Start offers the most intuitive and flexible interface available, which allows you to collect every data point you need and nothing you don’t. It’s all up to you.


Pioneering tools allow complete control at every stage.

Craft custom forms and create timelines which easily guide parents through every possible stage – from inquiry through enrollment (and beyond.) Mobile optimization allows users to complete your entire admissions process at their convenience, even stopping at any point without losing progress.


Integrate seamlessly into Alma SIS.

Anyone who has experienced Alma celebrates that behind the effortless interface breathes a bold powerhouse of modern technology. Request a quick demo and discover for yourself.

Or call us at 1-844-879-2562 to get your questions answered right now.

Alma SIS cannot keep growing without the continuing collaboration and partnership of educational leaders like you.

From attending Q&A sessions, panel discussions, webinars, conferences, sending us user stories, and amazing testimonials, your stories have not only impacted everyone here at Alma, but show how deeply you care about the success of your students.

Because of your critical feedback and requests to better serve your learning community’s unique needs, this year Alma has been able to create and rollout programs like:

Navigator, to give administrators a better onboarding experience and more control over workflows across their schools

App Center, to make sure your school or district is able to seamlessly integrate mission-critical 3rd party applications …

And Alma’s Spanish parent and student portal, for more accessible communication with your students and their families, increasing family engagement and promoting equitable educational practices.

Above all, we are incredibly grateful for your tenacity, creativity, care, intentionality, and commitment to the students and families you serve.

We can’t think of anything more worthy of celebration. So here’s to you!

From all of us at Alma, may you enjoy this season of gratitude, celebration, and collaboration not just in this last month of 2021 but into 2022, and beyond.

Alma will be with you every step of the way. Cheers!

Andrew Herman

Co-founder + Chief Executive Officer

Mike Oliver

Co-Founder + Head of Product

Elizabeth Long

Co-Founder + Vice President of Services