Teachers already love Alma.
In-app seating charts are just another reason why.

Classrooms can transform daily, from hosting multiple different classes throughout the day, to transforming into clubs and extracurriculars after school. Seating charts, connected to student data, put teachers in control of the flow of their classroom, every day.

Multiple layout options

Create seating charts for every day, class, subject area, and even for floating teachers. Save the layouts you create to toggle between classes without losing information.

Pivot learning formats

Stay up to date with in-person and hybrid learning, cohort scheduling, social distancing, and more. Need a substitute teacher? Use seating charts as rosters. New student in class? Simply drag and drop a new seat for them onto the grid.

In-app attendance

Mark attendance from within the seating chart for a clear, visual representation of who’s present. Or, toggle to a list view without losing any changes – easy peasy!

Group messaging

Message select groups of students within a specific class for easy communication. Remind just the saxophones of Thursday’s practice, or inform the debate team captains of the next topic!

Stay flexible with seating charts, meeting the needs of your classroom, your schedule, and your students – from day-to-day to a moment’s notice.

With Alma in your classroom, there’s a place for everyone.